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Love One Another

Homily 04 28 2013
Fifth Sunday of Easter C


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Only 1.4 percent of the total population of 314 million people in the United States, are Native American, Alaskan Native, or Native Hawaiian. The other 98.6 percent of us are either immigrants ourselves or descended from them.


That's what makes the current debate about immigration reform so fascinating right now.

For the most part, it is immigrants (or their progeny) holding committee hearings, making statements, forming opinions, and proposing laws about immigrants! The effects of the terrorist actions in Boston last week spilled over into the immigration hearings in the Senate on Monday. In the end, the hearing proceeded apace and concluded after hearing testimony from a large number of witnesses.

In a press conference on Monday, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, president of the USCCB, said that "now is the time to fix this issue." Right now, it dawns on us that thousands of people are being deported and an untold number of families are being divided.

"These are human beings made in God's image and likeness and redeemed by the Precious Blood of Jesus, and we moral leaders cannot just stand by and let that happen."

If we take a look at the reading from the Acts of Apostles, Paul and Barnabas didn't hesitate to share the Gospel with the people of Lystra, Iconium, Antioch, Pisidia, Pamphylia, Perga, and Attalia. These few verses read like a travelogue, but the last line is what gives the work of the apostles all the meaning: God "had opened the door of faith to the Gentiles" (Acts 14:27).

In the Gospel, Jesus makes it clear that people will know that we are his disciples by the love that we have for one another.

That call to love extends to everyone, no matter who they are, as Cardinal Dolan made clear in his press conference on Monday.

Loving everyone is not an easy task.

But then Paul and Barnabas didn't have an easy journey as they spread the Gospel either. But it is a task to which we are all called.

The faith has always blossomed among the immigrants to this country.

In John we have a discourse at the Last Supper with Jesus giving a command, promising an example and offering a blueprint for us to be judged as faithful disciples.

Jesus said..."You must love one another" - the seal of discipleship.

When I think about First Communion I often think of the young boy Oliver in the Movie and play. He holds out his hand, as the children will today, and with a tear in his eye he pleads, MORE SIR!!!

You the parents and relatives of these children are to be congratulated for all you give them including your faith, but still they hold their hands out asking for more.

These children need to know you as persons who frequent the sacraments and so I pray for your renewal.

We do not eat just on the great feasts like Christmas and Easter and I am asking you not to deprive your children of contact with God.

Nourish them by your example.

If you are not often a part of our parish, I would ask you parents to let your children have an opportunity to be formed in the Church.

To you children, be aware that Jesus is your friend. The more time you spend with a friend, the more your friendship grows.

We are all given an invitation to renew our relationship with Jesus today.

We are thankful for this celebration of First Communion, and we celebrate with your families and with you this day that you receive your First Communion.

Last week was announcement weekend for the Annual Catholic Appeal and next weekend we will have a witness talk..

On behalf of Archbishop Sartain, I want to publicly again ask all parishioners to participate in the Annual Catholic Appeal.

I'd like to remind you that there are 63 programs that we support in the Archdiocese when we participate in giving to the Annual Appeal.

I would like to invite every couple or single adult to fill out the envelope and to make a pledge. If you didn't fill out a card last week, please take this week to consider your pledge.

Please do your part to make it a successful appeal. This responsibility is in our hands. It is up to us to teach to serve, to keep strong the faith. You are invited to invest the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese.

A junior high music teacher had just organized a band in her school. The principal was so proud of the music teacher's efforts that without consulting her he decided that the band should give a concert for the entire school.

The music teacher wasn't so sure her young musicians were ready to give a concert, so she tried to talk the principal out of holding the concert, to no avail.

Just before the concert was ready to begin, as the music teacher stood on the podium, she leaned forward and whispered to her nervous musicians, "If you're not sure of your part, just pretend to play."

And with that, she stepped back, lifted her baton and with a great flourish brought it down. Lo and behold, nothing happened! The band brought forth a resounding silence.

Sometimes we in the church are like that junior high band, unsure of our parts, tentative in our roles, reluctant to trumpet forth the music of faith that God desires of us...

...And that's because we have trouble deciding what's most important.

I want to thank you in advance for your continuing generosity and commitment to the Catholic Church in Western Washington

When you return the envelope with your name and whatever donation, we have a higher percentage of people responding, so no matter how much you give, fill out the information and return the envelope.

I want to thank those 7early birds who last week already handed in their generous contributions.

We are a part of the greater Church of Western Washington and have a responsibility to respond with the whole diocese in helping the Church of the future.


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