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Recent Posts

  1. St. Aloysius Catholic Church Of Buckley Washington Brings You The Catholic Faith

    Dec 02, 17 04:09 PM

    St. Aloysius Catholic Church and Our Lady of Lourdes mission church welcome you to come and celebrate the Roman Catholic Mass and enjoy Catholic fellowship while growing in your Catholic Faith.

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  2. Catholic Bulletin 2017

    Dec 02, 17 02:21 PM

    View the Catholic Bulletin 2017 for St. Aloysius of Buckley, WA and Our Lady of Lourdes of Wilkeson, WA

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  3. Stewardship 2017 Campaign

    Nov 24, 17 09:56 PM

    The Stewardship 2017 Campaign is underway. What will you decide to do with your time, talent and treasure?

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  4. Homily 06 04 2017 - Pentecost Sunday Year A - Holy Spirit And Transition

    Jun 30, 17 12:51 PM

    The Homily 06 04 2017 Pentecost Sunday of year A reminds us that this is the day when God pulls out all the stops, goes overboard, holds nothing back.

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  5. Homily 05 28 2017 - 7th Sunday of Easter A - Ascension of the Lord

    Jun 04, 17 12:27 AM

    The Homily 05 28 2017 for 7th Sunday Easter A is the Ascension of the Lord of which is not the observance of a departure but the celebration of a presence...God is with us!

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