Current Events
St. Aloysius Catholic Church

Our current events calendar reflect events for St. Aloysius Parish schedules for the year.

We try to make sure all the events that happen are covered, but sometimes the unexpected happens and something new needs to be added to the calendar, or a time or date of an event has changed.

We also include all collections that are due from the Archdiocese, so your planning is made easier.

To view our complete calendar please go here.

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You Are Welcome To Become Involved

So many exciting things are happening at Saint Aloysius Catholic Church to help you enrich your Year of Faith journey. We invite you to become involved with any one of our groups that meet on a regular basis.

Perhaps you want to know more about our Divine Mercy Cenacle Group, or our Small Christian Fellowship Group, both which meet 2 times per month in the evenings.

Maybe you would be interested in becoming a Knight in the Knights of Columbus, or becoming a brother or sister in the Legion of Mary. Also available is the opportunity to become a member of either of our Altar Societies which are very active in our churches all year long.

Religiously, we offer Adoration every first Friday of every month. Confession is available every Saturday afternoon. Masses are held on every day of the week except Monday, and all Holy Days of Obligation. Additionally, all other Sacraments are performed in our parish as well.

We also offer membership in both our adult and children's choir, altar server program, and both children's and adult religious education. We have many committees, councils, and ministries that are also very active in our parish. Come be involved.

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