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Facing The Challenges
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Homily 09 22 2013
25th Sunday OT - C

Homily 09 22 2013
25th Sunday OT - C

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The notice came in the morning. The manager just heard that he was going to be investigated. He had a moment of panic. It would mean his dismissal. His double dealing would be discovered. He had no doubt and he knew a court case was unavoidable.


He sat down behind his desk and had no time to lose. He needed his friends for support and he called those in debt to his master and told them to sit down. He said: Now the books can still be changed. Tomorrow will be too late. What percentage will you give me if I change them? Haggling took place and affairs were settled. The books were closed and everything had been dealt with in time.

Jesus told a story similar to this and it most likely happened. Jesus said that he admired the presence of mind of that accountant. He did not panic. He did not fear or lose a minute but stayed wide awake and took action immediately.

Jesus then asked: Why don't you act like that caretaker when it comes to the affairs of the Kingdom which I entrusted to you? He didn't mean to say that we should act unfairly but asked us to act as quickly and efficiently as the caretaker in situations we meet.

He foresaw an obvious objection we might make in deciding not to act.

We are reminded to respond, to take risks and challenges and our parish has truly been involved in areas of concern.

Because of financial problems in the parish when I first arrived, I have been very cautious to get the parish back on its feet and have been very much supported by the pastoral council and the parish commissions and have been listening also to what parishioners see as priorities right now.

We saw a need new chairs and tables for the hall as one of the early commitments and are still attempting to work on that. The other vision we have is to install handicapped accessible facilities in the hall restrooms, and already three or four years ago a group was working on getting the parking lot in Buckley fixed up and so in recent weeks three contractors were contacted.

This weekend and next as a praying assembly we are also in the presence of the Prophet Amos, also the author of Timothy and Luke's gospel. The texts from Timothy remind us of the importance of prayer and holding firm to the faith.

The readings of Amos and Luke invite us to consider a moral challenge of having and making money and to share what we have, and one parishioner has promised a large donation for the parking lot if the parish can raise at least another $20,000.

I'd rather be preaching on the Scriptures this weekend but I think that this weekend it is most important for me to give an update on these needs in the parish.

I believe in responsible management and putting the project together we are moving slow with the chairs and the restrooms but we need to move fast with the parking lot. If we wait another year the price could double because of so much need in repair and contractors note that if we wait too long with a commitment prices will be going up as there is an expected increase in the cost of oil and the economy also seems to be getting better.

So we have a goal of $20,000 to meet which includes the Parking lot, assistance with the handicapped restroom improvements, possibly more chairs and tables and even some monies for savings.

WE could have a Capital Campaign but rather I am asking your today to make a sacrificial gift. I've been in parishes before to lead Capital Campaigns and it costs an arm and a leg for those companies to run the campaign and all kinds of paper work is involved, so I want to keep it simple.

If you are able to give a $1,000 or $500 or $100 plan on making some kind of donation. Hopefully a group of people will have assembled a letter this week with some simple instructions and a return envelope for your donation. I am asking you to support and be a part of working together to help keep up the maintenance of our campuses.

One of the advantages here is that 100% of the money spent will be visible. Much will depend on your help and achieving our goal. It's been a slow process these past two years but we have been blessed especially this year with a number of new registrations and may have to look again at a larger worship area. We were finally able to pay two part time staff members.

I have been very proud of the people of St. Aloysius and Our Lady of Lourdes who have stepped up with their weekly and monthly financial support of the parish and want all of us to be grateful for a better parking area. I am grateful to the councils and commissions and several people of the parish that have assisted me with bids.

Rome was not built in a day and we can look forward to future improvements, but today, let us be hopeful for cooperative weather so that the parking lot can be completed in the near future.

In telling the parable of the resourceful steward, Jesus is rallying the troops. He is telling us that if we want to work for his kingdom, we have to be clever. We have to out think and outsmart the devil and all those who are rushing to join him in hell.

Whether we are learned or not, we are all shrewd enough to win the battle of the Kingdom.

He has gifted every single one of us with the intelligence we need to conquer the world. Let's work together to help build the Kingdom and our parish communities.


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