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St. Aloysius Catholic Church


Dec. 24 Christmas Eve - 5:00pm and 9:00pm
Dec. 25 Christmas Day - 9:30am
Jan. 01 New Year’s Day 9:30am


1) Saturdays from 3:30pm-4:30pm 
     Private Confessions as usual
2) Wednesday December 19th at 7PM  at Sacred Heart              
     Communal Service with Private
      Confessions and Absolution
3) Thursday December 20th at 7PM at St. Aloysius
     Communal Service with Private
      Confessions and Absolution

The 2018 Catholic Community Services (CCS) Centennial Appeal for the poor is here!

St. Aloysius will be participating in this year-end appeal to support our Catholic Charities Agency in Western Washington.

Catholic Community Services
Centennial Appeal for the Poor

The CCS Centennial Appeal for the Poor is a tangible way you can partner with us to provide essential, life-sustaining services to families in need.

Please know that your gifts can translate into innovative housing solutions for the homeless, basic need items such as food, clothing and hygiene supplies, recovery and mental health counseling, and support of veterans, farmworkers, youth, the elderly, and those living with disabilities.

Catholic Community Services and Catholic Housing Services serve people of all beliefs and offer more than 175 programs and services nearly 100,000 people in need each year -- and it's all because of you. We ask you to prayerfully consider making a financial gift to the CCS Centennial Appeal for the Poor in support of their mission of compassion.

Online giving for Catholic Community Services Centennial Appeal is available here...

Go here to learn more about Catholic Community Services of Western Washington.

This year St. Aloysius will run the Annual Catholic Appeal and the Called to Serve as Christ Campaign for priests, sisters and family of faith at the same time. Below you will find some information on each one, with helpful links to further information.

CALLED TO SERVE as CHRIST Campaign is Underway

"The Called to Serve as Christ campaign is an expression of our deep gratitude to those who have gone before us, especially our bishops, priests, and religious sisters, for the tireless ways they have lived out their vocations for the Lord and for us." J. PETER SARTAINARCHBISHOP OF SEATTLE

The Called to Serve as Christ campaign is an extraordinary opportunity for all to play a role in strengthening the Catholic Church in Western Washington. This campaign will focus on raising $100 million to strengthen our priest pension and retirement medical plans, provide support to women religious serving or who have served in the Archdiocese of Seattle, and assist key efforts in our parishes.  

$100 million will accomplish the following:

  • $55 million for priests
  • $24 million for religious women
  • $15 million for parishes

To learn more about the Called to Serve as Christ campaign, its mission and goals, visit the official website.

Got Questions? Please go here to find the answers!

The Annual Catholic Appeal Is Underway

The 2018 Annual Catholic Appeal is underway! Archbishop Sartain’s letter is arriving in homes now. We are seeking everyone’s participation this year so that we reach our goal as quickly as possible!

Donate Online with credit/debit/direct bank withdrawal; Go here for Mobile devices
Pledge Only – submit your pledge (through the pledge card, envelope or online) and you will be sent monthly reminders.
Cash or Check – make checks payable to Annual Catholic Appeal
Donate Stock – call 800-422-5417 for broker instructions
Donate through your IRA – contact your IRA administrator and have your gift sent directly to the ACA Office, 710 9th Ave, Seattle WA 98104 – include your name, ACA ID# and the parish you want the gift credit to go to.
Payroll Deduction – some employers offer this option – check with yours

Can my gift be doubled?
Many companies MATCH gifts to the Annual Catholic Appeal! Check if your employer has a Matching Gift program and help your parish maximize their Annual Catholic Appeal Rebate! Once your payment has been received OR pledge has been paid in full, you can apply for the match per your employer’s instructions. Contact our office for the Tax ID# to be used for this matching gift option, 360-829-6515.

All gifts have until April 2019 to be fulfilled. Thank you for your support and participation!

The Catholic Church communities of Saint Aloysius and Our Lady of Lourdes have been combined and are made up of 153 families located in the country town of Buckley in Western Washington State.

But, as you know, big things come in small packages. Sometimes, having less yields more. Together with our Priest Administrator, Fr. Anthony Davis of Sacred Heart Parish in Enumclaw and our Parochial Vicar, Fr. Clarence Jones, we offer all the same services as any of the larger congregations in the Seattle Archdiocese.

Being a small congregation, we dedicate our Christian lives, taking every opportunity, to evangelize our faith by being living examples of authentic, genuine, and sincere leaders in our daily lives, and our involvement in the local community.

We re-energize our faith and strength as often as possible through each other, the church, and its sacraments which are the center of our lives as Christians and which provide the grace we need to conform our lives to Christ.

Each sacrament was instituted by Christ during His life on earth and is an outward sign of an inward grace in each of us.

As Christ passed on his teachings through the centuries, we continually strive, as adults, to study our catholic faith and teach and live our lives accordingly, as examples, to every generation to come.

Our goal as Catholics is to remind all Catholics who we really are, and the beauty of our faith, to engage disengaged Catholics, by explaining that they have forgotten our story.

Re-energize Your Love For The Catholic Church

The small group of people who followed the apostles listening to the stories of Jesus Christ, his life and his teachings were the original followers of Jesus of Nazareth and the first members of what we know today as the Catholic Church, the largest faith community on earth.

We must also strive to become all that God created us to be by relying on the Spirit of God to instruct and guide us at every step in our journey now.

To this end we offer continuing adult education opportunities throughout the year as outlined in our Church Calendar. The subject matter of these opportunities varies and is open to all, even interested persons from other parishes or churches in the area.

We have made available this web site to offer the weekly homilies, weekly bulletins, information about our Committees, Councils, and Ministries. With all the changes in the General Instruction of the Roman Missile. We have also included a list of all the updated Prayers for Mass and all other common Catholic prayers.

Our Annual Reports will be made available through the website and contain information regarding financial and sacramental statistics for every year.

You can view our current Annual Report here.

Finally, in our Parish Life section, you will find stories and photos of events happening in our parish communities.

We are planning a new section for our website entitled "Food for Thought", which will include a variety of interesting articles, essays, commentary, insights, and stories written by our parishioners to share their thoughts and experiences.