Catholic Bulletin 2018
St. Aloysius Catholic Church

Below you will find the weekly Catholic bulletin 2018 for Saint Aloysius Catholic Church.

Also you will find previous bulletins in case you forget to pick one up on the way out of church. Perhaps you are out of town? No worries, you can access our weekly bulletins here.

If you would like to view our calendar go here and current events here.

Don't Miss A Thing

If you have an announcement for the bulletin, please use this form to submit your request. From the drop down menu choose "Bulletin Announcement", add your submission, then hit the "Submit" button. If you prefer, you can contact our office at 360-829-6515.

As a reminder, all announcements must be submitted by 11:00am Wednesday; plus all submissions must be approved by Father before they are added to the bulletin.

To view previous years' bulletins, please visit the links below: